In February of 2018, I wrote a blog post about creating a dynamic validation summary in Angular. I have since taken that concept, expanded upon it, and published a library to the NPM. I’m happy to announce angular-validation-summary. To get started, try the summary out on my test form. Then head over to the project page on GitHub for documentation and examples.

How to Publish an Angular Library to the NPM

While this was previously somewhat of a chore, ng-packagr is now built in to the angular CLI making things easy. If you want to know more, follow this simple guide. To make my build/publish steps easier, I added the following scripts to my package.json:

"build-lib": "ng build angular-validation-summary && npm run copy-license && npm run copy-readme",
"patch-version": "cd projects/angular-validation-summary && npm version patch && cd ../../",
"copy-license": "cp ./LICENSE ./dist/angular-validation-summary",
"copy-readme": "cp ./ ./dist/angular-validation-summary",
"publish-lib": "npm run patch-version && npm run build-lib && npm publish ./dist/angular-validation-summary"

This allows me to build, package, and publish my library to the NPM in a single step with npm run publish-lib. This also allows me to share my main readme/license with my library project located in /projects/angular-validation-summary.

What’s Next?

Do you need help? Have ideas for improvement? Want to collaborate? Submit an issue!